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9 must-have AI tools for e-commerce success

Best machine learning and AI tools for e-commerce and brand voice
Discussions about artificial intelligence and AI tools for e-commerce websites are growing louder and louder. Now is the best time to learn how to use it and surpass your competitors in the e-commerce business. There are plenty of options, so let's discuss the best AI tools for e-commerce that will optimise your processes.

Recommended by an e-commerce expert

The AI tools discussed in this blog post were recommended by Audrius Lučiūnas, co-founder of Paysera and e-commerce expert, who shared his knowledge about e-commerce business and successful e-commerce marketing efforts during the E-commerce Talks webinars. In other words, these are the very best AI tools for e-commerce, tested and approved by someone who works in the field every day for quite some time now. Let’s begin! – content generator

There is no need to write texts from scratch for your website, blogs, ads, email campaigns, social media posts, and other formats!

Select the text type, specify your brand, provide a brief description of the service, and will generate the perfect text for you. Simply copy and use it.

By the way, this tool can generate text in other languages too, but it works best when the initial parameters are provided in English. You can find a flag at the top where you can indicate that you will enter the data in English but would like to receive the text in another language. is an AI tool that generates specific content for your brand – text translation

If doesn’t create sufficiently high-quality text in another language, you can generate the content in English. Once you have generated the content in English, you can use automatic translation tools to translate it into the preferred language.

Deepl translates languages directly and does it better than Google Translate. This tool is free of charge, and you can install it on your computer as a program.

Deepl provides high-quality text translation using artificial intelligence and machine learning – face generator

If you want to use people’s faces in your social media ads or other content, you can do so with This tool will generate faces of the age, race, and gender you prefer.

Since these people don't exist, no one will ever make any claims against you. is popular among other AI tools for creating photos of non-existing people for e-commerce store – step-by-step guide generator

With, you can create step-by-step guides for your clients within seconds. Simply visit scribehow website, specify the steps you prefer, and the tool will generate the text. A step-by-step guide with approximately 10 steps can be generated in about 30 seconds. is an AI tool that creates step-by-step guides for e-commerce platforms within seconds – digital marketing plan generator

Online store owners often struggle with digital marketing plans. will do it for you. This tool is paid, but it offers a trial version.

The principle is very simple. You receive a form, choose the parameters, click "Generate", and receive different stages of user engagement with actions you could perform during those stages

Regardless of your product type and the target segment, you can receive useful advice for your marketing process and tactics.

Digital marketing plan generation with for online store – creative idea generator

Looking for more creative solutions? Give a try.

Once you submit the information, click "Generate a creative concept," and you will receive a proposal for an event idea.

This tool was trained on a custom dataset based on campaigns from Cannes Lions.

All you need to do is provide your brand, product name, content type (YouTube, Instagram, etc.), and indicate whether the event will take place in a physical store.

Creative ideas for e-commerce businesses with for the best customer experience – visualisations from a text

Illustrations always enhance the message of the content and allow readers to better understand and memorise information. There is increasing discussion about AI solutions, which generate visualisations from written text and facilitate the creation of visual information and presentation on e-commerce platforms.

There are numerous tools of this kind, and one of them is DALL-E.

Below, you can see an example. The request was for digital art depicting a crazy dog scientist standing in a pink room, making himself a cocktail, and gazing at the moon. Artificial intelligence provided 4 different examples.

Generate visualisations from a text within minutes with DALL-E for online stores – text-to-speech avatar

If you prefer not to appear in a video or lack the necessary equipment, can create an avatar from your written text to do the job for you.

A character will read the text aloud, and the lip movements will correspond to the text being read. The text can even be read in other languages.

Text-to-speech avatar created by for marketing campaigns and ecommerce business – data analysis

When you strive to have business growth and attract more clients to your e-commerce business, you will encounter the need for data analysis. Google Analytics reports, Facebook reports, Instagram reports... In other words, numerous reports.

And all of that customer data needs to be tracked and analysed to draw conclusions. Heybooster can handle this task automatically. It collects data from Facebook, Google Ads, and Google Analytics, then combines and analyses it.

In the event of a significant change, such as a 50 per cent increase in orders, Heybooster will notify you, allowing you to respond accordingly. analyses e-shop statistics for you to boost sales and ensure customer satisfaction

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