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Make shopping fun: advent calendar ideas for your business

Advent calendar ideas for online shops.
Shopping can be more than just a transaction; it can be a joyful experience for your clients. As a way to celebrate the holiday season and make the shopping experience more interactive, why not consider an advent calendar as a theme? We've taken the time to come up with some thoughtful and easy-to-implement ideas that you can use right away.

Advent calendar ideas for strengthening your brand

As the holiday season unfolds, many of us are on a quest for that one-of-a-kind, heart-warming gift that will light up our loved ones' faces. This is a delightful time when people are open to discovering new and unique brands.

This gives you a golden opportunity to introduce and strengthen your brand in a fun, festive manner, and the advent calendar will help you do it.

Advent calendar ideas for strenghtening online shop’s brand.

Product reveals

Showcase your chosen products one by one on each day of December. You can even highlight why they make perfect Christmas gifts!

Let’s say that you're selling an array of gourmet coffee beans. Share your coffee knowledge in an engaging and relatable way each day. For example, one day you can recommend a specific bold brew for adventurous coffee lovers, another day you can suggest a smooth and mellow blend for those who love a relaxed morning sip.

Customisation offers

Believe it or not, people love to have a say in the final outcome of a product. It's like purchasing a car and having the option to pick the colours for different parts of it, or deciding which features to include. As a consumer, you'd likely enjoy this process as it makes the car more personal and more "you".

The same principle applies to any product! Imagine if you could involve your clients by offering them the opportunity to customise specific products for a particular day of your advent calendar.

It doesn't need to be overly complicated, either – it could be something as simple as the packaging for the product.

Or, if you sell jewellery, on the 1st of December, you could invite your clients to customise their own ring, and on the 2nd, they could personalise a necklace, and so forth. It's a fun and engaging way to make your products feel more special and unique to each customer.

Testimonials from clients

Each day, share a testimonial from a satisfied customer. And if you're feeling extra generous, why not make the day even more special? You can include a special deal or discount for that specific product, creating a daily surprise during the advent calendar. It's sure to make everyone's day a little brighter!

Advent calendar ideas for potential leads

If you want to warm people up to your brand and earn their trust gradually, there are a couple of ways to do it using the advent calendar as a theme.

Advent calendar ideas for attracting leads to online shop.

Virtual classes or workshops

If you want potential clients to come to you – show them why it should be you they come to in the first place. Educate them not just about your product, but the overall need that you’re solving for them. This can be done by dedicating the different days of the advent calendar to offer virtual classes or workshops related to your products, e.g., cooking classes for a food store or product demonstrations for a tech store.

And don’t forget to follow up with the participants so they can turn into your loyal clients!

Collect email addresses and offer discounts or special offers

We've all experienced this while shopping online, haven't we? You share your email address with an online store and in return, they give you a nice little discount. It's a simple yet effective strategy. Now, the online store has your blessing to send you more special deals.

Each day, offer a small gift or different types of discounts as a thank-you for a potential client providing their email address. It's a win-win situation: the potential clients receive an exclusive discount or gift, and you can expand your email list. This strategy not only engages people but also helps in building your customer base.

Advent calendar ideas for community engagement

Perhaps you’re not really after new leads, but your goal is to keep your current audience engaged and happy? Here are a few ideas to help you with that!

Advent calendar ideas for online business community engagement.

Trivia questions

Your current audience probably already knows you, so on each day on the advent calendar, ask trivia questions related to your products. The first person to respond correctly could get a discount or a free item.

Hidden discount codes

Turn your audience’s shopping experience into a rewarding journey with hidden discount codes. You can strategically place these codes within your product descriptions, social media posts, bios, and website. And, to ease the hunt for your audience, include helpful clues for you to find them.

Countdown stories

While your audience is waiting for Christmas, make the waiting more fun by sharing a daily story or delightful fun fact about your brand or products. This not only adds a personal touch but also keeps your clients hooked and wanting to know more!

But don't stop there. Encourage your audience to join in the fun by asking them to share their own fascinating stories or experiences with your brand. It's a fantastic way to create a stronger bond with your clients and turn your online store into a vibrant community.

Wish-list draws

Encourage your clients to create a wish list on your online store and randomly select one each day to gift an item on their list.

“Guess the Product” game

Post a blurred or close-up image of a product and have customers guess what it is for a chance to win it.

Advent calendar ideas for sales

People are ready to buy for Christmas, and you are ready to sell. What’s needed right now is just the final touch to remove all doubts from your potential clients’ minds, so they buy from you and not from others. We’ve got a few specific advent calendar ideas that will help you close the deal.

Advent calendar ideas for attracting online shop sales.

Daily Deal Calendar

Every day offers a unique discount on a specific product or category. This could be easily displayed on the website with a virtual advent calendar.

Free gift wrapping

December is a busy time and not everyone has the time to wrap all the gifts. Saving time for your clients can be an important selling point.

Offer free gift wrapping for any item purchased – with different types of wrapping styles for a different advent calendar day. This small gesture will not only delight your clients but also encourage more frequent visits and purchases.

Ready to be fun and creative?

We genuinely hope that you feel encouraged and all geared up to take the next step forward. Remember to take some time to soak in the joy of the holiday season amidst your business ventures. We wish you all the best of luck and success.

Remember, you've got this! We're cheering you on every step of the way.

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