Paysera Virtual POS

No need for bulky hardware – just your computer or a card terminal.

Manage payments, issue fiscal receipts, track sales, and monitor stock in real-time – all from a single platform.

A modern and flexible platform that meets the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Verslui be nereikalingų kilogramų
From 20 EUR/month

Start using it in just 2–3 days

Perfect for self-service checkouts too
Internet connection required

Fiscal check alone or being printed from cash register

Only 1 solution, ∞ sales!

Dread the daily grind of cashing up? Choose our virtual POS and discover how enjoyable accounting can be. Keep your counter clutter-free without bulky cash registers. You don't have to wait for the changes coming on 1 May 2025. Get ahead of the curve — start sending fiscal receipts to the State Tax Inspectorate i.EKA subsystem today!



Fiscal receipt submission to i.EKA

Choice of sales register display

Creation and editing of product/service catalogue

Management and editing of orders

Management of refunds

Verifone POS terminal integration

Viewing order history and management of returns

Smart +


All features of the Smart plan


Management of discounts and offers for customers

Management of customers, groups and loyalty

Generation of invoices and proforma invoices

Real-time inventory tracking

55 EUR + VAT


 All features of the Smart+ plan


Integration with additional third-party systems

API access

Advanced sales reports

The virtual POS works with the Verifone card terminal, which can be rented from 13 EUR/month.

Additional POS pricing

Fee: 20 EUR/month
An additional point of sale allows you to manage multiple sales locations using the same system, without causing issues during start-up.

Effortless order management

Add ordered items to the POS system, and easily track order history and status.


Instantly send fiscal receipts to i.EKA

Our POS system complies with all requirements set by the State Tax Inspectorate and the Lithuanian Metrology Inspectorate.

A few clicks, and your entire sales chain is at your fingertips

Free your counter from outdated cash registers
Boost your sales, not the weight on your counter. Our cash register is virtual, so all you need is your computer or card terminal.

Monitor your sales and stock levels in real-time
Know exactly how many items you've sold and monitor your stock levels in real-time.

Boost customer loyalty with discounts
Is it your customer's birthday? Quickly and easily offer a discount on their purchase and make their day.

Generate invoices automatically
Automatically create invoices and proforma invoices, saving your time and eliminating human error.

Find old receipts in seconds
Need to check a customer's receipt? Find and review past receipts and their details with just a few clicks.

Hassle-free refunds
Refund customers and adjust your register balance with ease.

No need to wait until 2025 – start submitting fiscal receipts to i.EKA today

As Lithuania digitises cash income accounting, all merchants will start submitting cash receipt data to the State Tax Inspectorate's (VMI) i.EKA subsystem, and paper-based cash transaction records will be eliminated. 

This transition is happening gradually. The first to switch to smart POS were the companies with the highest turnover. All merchants will be required to submit fiscalised receipts to i.EKA starting 1 May 2025.

The virtual POS offered by Paysera transmits data to i.EKA instantly.

More about i.EKA



Paysera is Lithuania's leading electronic money institution by transaction volume.


The number of merchants using Paysera to accept payments.

€1.07 billion

The total amount spent by customers at Paysera-powered online stores in 2023.

11 million

The number of online shopping carts paid for through Paysera's payment gateway in 2023.


Yes, our POS system is approved by the State Tax Inspectorate, certified by the Lithuanian Metrology Inspectorate. It already sends fiscal receipts to the i.EKA subsystem.
No, you just need a device with a web browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc.).
We always provide the most comprehensive All-Inclusive plan for the first month to better understand your needs and ensure our system meets all your expectations.
Yes, you will. Our virtual POS works with the Verifone card terminal, which acts as a receipt printer. When a customer pays in cash, you can select the cash payment option on the card reader screen, and the card terminal will print a receipt for the customer.
Verifone collects customer payments into its accounts and transfers them the same day or the next day. However, you can view each transaction by logging into their portal. Once the funds reach your account, all transactions will be consolidated in one place.