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Limitations to e-money redemption

Below are provided reasons and recipients that prevent transfers from Paysera system (redemption of e-money) to specific accounts.

International sanctions.

International sanctions – are limitations set by the state. Paysera does not perform transfers to countries and accounts of entities who are subjected to sanctions published by the European Union, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the USA and other relevant organizations. Countries subjected to international sanctions:

  • Iran,
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea,
  • Iraq,
  • Cuba,
  • Syria,
  • Yemen,
  • Libya,
  • Myanmar,
  • Sudan,
  • South Sudan.

Legal regulations of the recipient's country.

Since Paysera is not a bank, Paysera is often displayed to the recipient as the payer, while the real payer (you) is indicated in payment details. Thus, transfers cannot be performed via Paysera to countries where law prohibits transfers from third persons. Countries, where the internal regulation prevents transfers via Paysera:

  • Belarus.

Crime prevention.

According to the rules for usage of Paysera system, clients are prohibited from managing unlicensed virtual currencies (e.g. bitcoin). Therefore, transfers to systems which exchange such currencies are not performed. Transfers are also not performed to accounts of financial pyramids (e.g. Kairos) and their partners.

Technical obstacles.

Paysera uses the international standard for identification of bank account numbers (IBAN) only for standard (non-urgent) transfers in euro to SEPA countries. For transfers in other currencies and to other countries, Paysera account number (EVPxxxxxxxxxxxx) is used. As the result, other countries' systems of certain institutions cannot identify the real payer and transfers to such systems via Paysera are not performed. Due to the different account format, Paysera does not perform transfers to the following institutions:

  • The State Tax Inspectorate of Poland.

The present list is not final and can be amended and supplemented by Paysera without a prior notification. 
If transfer to your indicated account cannot be performed, the system will inform you at the moment of the transfer.
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