Payment collection in the Netherlands

# The commission fee consists of a commission fee charged by a bank or system and a Paysera project category commission fee.

Payment Initiation Service (PIS)

Payment type Description Percentage Minimum fee Maximum fee Fixed fee

ING bank Payment initiation service
Payment is credited in 3-5 min. (in rare cases up to 1 BD*)
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0,35 % - 0,50 EUR -

* If an automated PIS payment fails due to technical problems at Paysera or the selected bank, the payer will be provided with instructions to perform the payment.
Since the payment will be performed between banks of different SEPA countries, it will be credited in 1 business day.

Bank Link Service and Other Payment Methods

Payment type Description Percentage Minimum fee Maximum fee Fixed fee

Paysera Bank Link service
No payment reservation.
The fee will be returned to the Paysera client as a cashback for the purchase.
1,0 % - 0,50 EUR -
Banks of Netherlands by Trustly
Banks of the Netherlands
Payment reservation - 24 h.
Payment is credited in 1 BD (in rare cases up to 3 BD)
1,0 % 0,20 EUR - -

Payment cards
More information... from 0,75 % - - -

Webmoney system
Payment reservation - 1 hour.
Activated only for legal persons who are not registered in the Megastock catalog. Obligatory to comply with Webmoney usage conditions.

Payment is credited in 1-3 min.
0,8 % 0,01 USD 50,00 USD -

Additional systems
Payment reservation - 24 hours.
Activated on request and separately from other payment methods.
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from 0,3 % - - -