AI Automation Strategist and Prompt Designer

We are looking for an AI Automation Strategist and Prompt Designer to join our team at Paysera. This role is crucial for streamlining operations and integrating AI-based solutions, particularly GPT models, to automate manual tasks. This is not a hardcore programming role but rather a position for a visionary with a strong analytical mindset and a passion for Artificial Intelligence. We are on the lookout for individuals who are committed to self-improvement and are not afraid to employ innovative AI tools in their daily work to drive progress.

What you will do:

Evaluate existing processes, collect information, and propose automation solutions.

Generate and implement ideas for GPT chatbot utilization across departments.

Craft effective prompts to guide AI responses for specific tasks and scenarios.

Engage with team members to gather insights on manual tasks and automation potential.

Conduct market testing for new AI-driven solutions.

Expect to perform routine daily tasks using ChatGPT or a similar tool to enhance efficiency and productivity.

What we expect:

Familiarity with AI trends and capabilities, especially GPT models.

Strong analytical skills and a knack for problem-solving.

Excellent communication and prompt-crafting abilities.

Knowledge of Lean methodologies and project management.

Eager to experiment and pilot test new solutions in the market.

Proven familiarity and experience with AI tools like ChatGPT and other technologies, demonstrating a capability to seamlessly integrate these into daily tasks.


Experience in Lean methodologies or project management is a plus.

Hands-on experience with chatbots or AI-driven automation tools is beneficial.

No formal programming background required.

For candidates

If you would like to join our team, please send your CV with the subject "AI Automation Strategist and Prompt Designer" to the email address Only selected candidates will be contacted, but we are grateful to all who send their CV.
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Lithuania, Ukraine


Depends on candidate's experience and competence