📅 March, 2020

Paysera is working as usual during the COVID-19 outbreak 

In these times of uncertainty, we will do our best to provide stability and confidence to our clients, partners, and employees. Since the financial sector is built on many different pillars, including client support, technology, and human resources, these are the aspects that are useful to know about what measures Paysera is taking to keep up business-as-usual.

Client support

As a proud fintech (finance + technology) company, Paysera is well prepared to answer clients’ inquiries online and via the phone as usual. 

  • Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) are accessible 24/7 on the support website in 9 languages (English, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Latvian, Estonian, Spanish).
  • We also run several social media channels that we keep updated with the latest news, features, tutorials, or disturbances - if there are any. So, give us a follow:

  • Call or email our client support as usual – we are supporting clients in quite a few languages (English, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Latvian, Estonian, Spanish, French, German, and Arabic), to make sure that no misunderstandings stop us from providing you with the exact information that you are looking for. Find all our contacts and working hours here.

Online services 

All of our services are designed to be available online – so anything you can think of that we normally do – we still do it.

  • Paysera app – our FREE mobile application basically provides you with everything that you need to manage your finances from home – you can convert currency, transfer money in seconds, put some savings aside, top-up your account, and even donate to charities that now need our support more than ever. 
  • Payment card – there is no better time than now to reduce cash payments. The Visa card can be ordered online 24/7 and delivered to your address (in one of the EEA countries). To ensure a smooth process, we’ve prepared several videos to help you manage you card account.
  • Cash – If you do end up needing to take some cash out, you can do it from any ATM that accepts Visa cards.
  • Accepting online payments in e-shops – being able to sell your products and services online can be key to survival for some businesses. Paysera provides various payment processing solutions for e-shops and is serving more than 90 percent of electronic shops in Lithuania. We also have step-by-step videos helping you to install the Paysera plugin in your e-shop.
  • Money transfers – – Paysera is a part of the SEPA INST scheme, therefore euro transfers to other member banks are performed instantly and for free for our private clients and for 0.29 cents for our business clients. International transfers are also available using our service.
  • Paysera Tickets – the current situation is a big hit not only for performers and event-goers but also for event organisers. However, it is also a good chance to rethink business models and go digital where possible. Can your event be hosted online? Are you an expert that can share knowledge in a webinar? Use the online platform Paysera Tickets to organise your online event. Moreover, if the event is free – the cost of organising it on our platform will also equal zero!

We take the current situation very seriously and we will keep our clients and partners updated on any possible changes in the future. For now – let’s do our best by going digital and helping those in need around us! 

If you don’t have a Paysera account yet, you can open it ONLINE.