📅 September 23, 2020

Fintech Paysera starts trading physical gold

Paysera LT has started trading gold. Unlike other fintech companies, Paysera LT will trade in actual bars and coins rather than units of this precious metal sold on the exchanges. Buyers will be able to store their gold, purchased via the app, at the company’s storage facilities, order home delivery or pick it up at the company HQ.


“Precious metals maintain their value and popularity even during an economic downturn. No wonder central banks hold gold in their reserves. Since the price of gold, by taking into account inflation, remains more or less the same in the long run, gold, in general, is considered a safe haven in turbulent times and a safeguard against monetary depreciation. Thus, the bars and coins sold by us are first of all intended for people who want to preserve their purchasing power in the long run,” says Vytenis Morkūnas, CEO of Paysera LT.

The buyers will have a choice: to store the purchased gold at the company’s storage facilities, or to pick it up and store it themselves. The precious metal purchased is displayed in the app in two units: in grams and by price, in a currency familiar to the client. The buyer may sell the gold back to the company at this price.

Via its mobile app, Paysera LT sells gold bars of the Swiss manufacturer Valcambi Suisse and also 1 troy ounce (31.1 g) gold coins of different prominent manufacturers: American Buffalo, Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, Britannia, etc.

Gold purchased via the app may be sent as a gift to another user of the app. According to Morkūnas, now that everything moves online, giving gold as a present may appeal to both private and business clients looking for a gift for their business partner, employee, or manager.

At the beginning of August, the price of gold on the exchanges reached its peak – USD 2070 per troy ounce. On Friday, 25 September, the price of gold was USD 1854 per troy ounce. In a year, the price of gold on the exchanges increased by a quarter.

The e-money institution has over 466K private and 48K business clients worldwide.

Paysera LT does not consult clients on buying precious metals as an investment. For advice, they should refer to an independent financial adviser.

About Paysera

Paysera is Lithuanian capital financial technology company headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. Paysera network companies also operate in Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Kosovo. Founded in 2004, Paysera is the largest payment processor in Lithuania and the first and largest electronic money institution (EMI) in Lithuania.