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You can now top up your Paysera account from Mastercard and Maestro cards

The fintech company Paysera now enables clients to deposit money into their accounts using Mastercard and Maestro cards issued by other financial institutions. This top-up method is simple and similar to paying by card in an e-shop.

"Clients usually maintain the cash balance in their account by receiving a salary, collecting business income, or making a transfer to themselves from another account" – says Marijus Plančiūnas, CEO of Paysera. "Meanwhile, small businesses often have several accounts, including those in different countries. Therefore, topping up the account from all Mastercard and Maestro cards is one of the ways to collect funds from different accounts into one. This alternative is more relevant to those who have non-euro accounts, for example, in Poland, Ukraine, Great Britain, Romania, and elsewhere."

M. Plančiūnas also emphasises that client habits are another reason their company offers money deposits from Mastercard and Maestro cards. "We have clients from Ukraine, Romania, and other European countries, which have a historically established habit of transferring money using payment cards. However, the data from the first few weeks shows that the geography of clients topping up their accounts from payment cards is very broad" – he says.

The additional funds deposit option using Mastercard and Maestro payment cards is simple and similar to paying by card in an e-shop. Private and business clients can top up their accounts this way by using the company's app.

A 2.5 per cent fee is charged when depositing money into an account from a payment card, which is less than the amount of a few to several tens of euros that would normally have to be paid to a non-eurozone bank for exchanging local currency for euros and transferring to a Paysera account.