📅 April, 2020

Remote work: is it a good time to start a new job?

For almost a month now we have been operating an international fintech from home. For some of us working remotely means staying comfy in separate home-office rooms, others are operating from the kitchen, or even far from home in the Arctic. Nonetheless, the systems are up and running and we are constantly looking for more people to join our team. So, if you ever wondered whether it’s a good time to change jobs or whether remote work is for you – we confidently say YES.


First time working remotely? Nah, we've done it before! 🌍

Paysera LT and its HQ in Vilnius already have experience of working remotely.  

  • Workations. During the last couple of years, we went on a number of workations to Turkey, Bali, Egypt, and the Philippines.
  • Partners. We have experience constantly working with Paysera partners in other countries such as Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria, and Romania.
  • Colleagues. Moreover, some of our colleagues are working from different towns in Lithuania – Alytus, Kaunas, and Vilnius. 

It would not be fair to say that remote work is second nature to us but it’s true that we sort of knew what we were doing from the very first day of the national quarantine. 

When working remotely during workations, our main concerns were internet connection, time differences with colleagues, and sometimes uncomfortable working conditions from cafes and hotels. Luckily, this time all of these problems are not present. Most of the Paysera staff is working from home, meaning they have good private internet, almost everyone is in the same time zone, and everyone is comfy in their favourite armchairs and probably sweatpants.

On the other hand, in the current situation we also have people working from the other side of the world. For example, our Android Lead is currently programming from the… Arctic! Head to our Instagram and see his takeover saved in the highlights!


We are ready to welcome new people remotely 💻 

At the moment we have more than 40 positions open in Paysera. You can see them all on our  careers page. At the moment we are looking for a head of the AML unit, a lawyer, loads of programmers, and more!  

Remote hiring works just like the usual selection; however, the in-person interview is replaced with a video call. 
  • First, of course, you find the position you are interested in and apply. You can do this via our careers page or other recruitment pages such as Cbankas or Cvonline.
  • Then you wait for the call. If you get it – it’s already a good sign!
  • After a short phone call from our HR person, we will probably ask to make a video call which will also be joined by your future manager.
  • Selected candidates then might get a short assignment to complete. It depends on the position if you do or not. Also, the assignment might come before the video call. 
  • And finally, we reach out to you with the results and hopefully you join the Paysera team. 

What do we offer? 

Well, currently we provide our newcomers will all the necessary equipment to work from home, as well as flexible working hours to meet everyone’s needs. Most of our training is also available through online platforms, so you should have no trouble joining our workforce! In better times, when we work from the office, you can also plan your working hours fairly flexibly to have a good work–life balance.

Finally, before the social distancing measures were implemented, we loved spending time together – game nights, anime screenings, monthly activities (kayaking, go-carts, golf, etc.). You can see them all on our Instagram.  We also have free drinks, snacks, and fruit at work, not to mention cheat Fridays, cinema Mondays, and scooters that can be used for both work and leisure time.


If you are still in doubt, you can always message us on Instagram or contact our HR directly and leave some questions about joining the Paysera team. And don’t forget to check out the available positions!