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Paysera celebrates its 18th birthday and company culture!

Paysera is officially 18 years old now! We’re not gonna lie – it is surreal, knowing that we have reached adulthood. On this special occasion, we want to share Paysera’s progress through the eyes of our people who have observed the company’s journey for quite some time now. Say hello to Paysera’s co-founder and main shareholder, Kostas Noreika, as well as Rasa Gruodytė – head of Paysera’s Sales Unit.

Kostas Noreika, co-founder and main shareholder of Paysera


As you were creating Paysera, what kind of future did you envision for it?
Initially, our vision was to start many different internet-related projects that would benefit our clients. At the time, we were considering various services through separate channels, but in the end we decided to return to the super app idea. Nonetheless, providing the best services to the end-users has always been our main objective.

What would be your birthday wish for yourself, Paysera, and its employees on this special occasion?
In a company that has reached its adulthood, it’s important to preserve the principles of growth and development. My wish for the company is to not become a slow and stagnant corporation. Instead, Paysera should keep the speedy and quality-oriented structure that is common among small companies, but with the ability to do so on a larger scale.
As for employees, my wish for them is to keep on sharing enthusiasm and suggestions on how we can improve Paysera together in order to create an even more pleasant work environment.

Rasa Gruodytė, head of Paysera’s Sales Unit


How long have you been working at Paysera?
This year is my 10-year work anniversary.

What was it like to start working at Paysera?
My path started slowly, and the financial sector was new and unexplored for me. Ever since I blended into the team, the number of employees has started rapidly growing. In fact, during these 10 years, Paysera has grown so much that we moved 3 times.

At first, I worked at Paysera as an administrator and at the time the approximate number of employees was 50 and my colleagues were friendly.

However, I didn't stay in the administrator’s role very long, as I craved more challenges. That’s how I ended up working in the sales department as a sales manager, and although I couldn’t imagine myself there before, I took the risk and started working with our business clients. It didn’t take long for me to realise that I was in the right place; working and finding solutions with different types of people was extremely rewarding.

Eventually, the next opportunity presented itself – this time I became the head of the Sales Unit. I am grateful to all previous heads of the department for being able to learn so much from them.

All in all, every stage in my journey at Paysera had its own challenges, but not without sweet rewards.

What do you appreciate about working at Paysera the most and why?
Definitely the people. They are, have always been, and will always be the ones who create value when we communicate with our clients and partners. It’s also the people who create new products and nurture a positive work environment.

What would you like to wish for Paysera and its employees?
No matter which challenges Paysera may come across, I wish for Paysera to always follow one simple truth – there are no problems and there’s a solution for everything.

As for the employees, I wish for them to remain focused on shared goals.

Let’s throw in a few facts…

In 18 years, Paysera has grown into a global business that unites employees from different cultures through the shared goal of finding the best solutions in the fintech industry.

Here are a few facts about our global Paysera family:

  • Paysera operates in 18 countries. 18 years – 18 countries. Coincidence? We think not!
  • 400+ employees worldwide – and we’re looking for more!
  • 3 continents – Europe, Asia, Africa. And we’re not done yet!