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The power of saying "Thank you" in a company

Saying “thank you” is an important part of company culture at Paysera.
Isn't it a wonderful feeling when someone truly appreciates your hard work and takes a moment to say “thank you”? There are people who might argue that a paycheque is all the thanks you need for your work. But we beg to differ – a moment of kindness costs nothing, yet it can forge strong and long-lasting work relationships. So, let's discuss our new initiative designed to foster a supportive work environment among employees.

It’s more than just a word

Did you know that the simple act of expressing gratitude can create positive vibes that spread beyond just the giver and receiver? That’s right, even those who merely witness this exchange of thankfulness are affected positively.

If you're a bit sceptical, just know that it’s not a made-up theory, but confirmed by scientific research from 2019.

When you show genuine gratitude, it signals to everyone that you value their work and contributions. By taking the time to acknowledge those around you, you become a beacon of positivity in the workplace. This makes you not only a beloved colleague but also an invaluable asset to the entire organisation.

Is it any wonder that everyone prefers to work with someone who's kind and considerate?

Paysera promotes a culture of gratitude and positivity in the workplace.

Honesty is the best policy

Sincerity is key here, but let’s face it – it cannot be forced or faked. We all have a sixth sense when it comes to insincerity, and we can often pick up when someone is merely using kind words for personal gain.

At Paysera, what we want to achieve is honest appreciation – and we know that our employees are genuinely appreciative of one another.

Sometimes, though, life gets in the way. A feeling of gratitude can slip anyone’s mind on a busy day, people might feel a little shy about expressing their thanks, or the right words just might not come to mind at the right time. These situations happen and it's okay!

Our goal? To gently remind our team of the power of gratitude and provide everyone with the tools to express it. Paysera is here to make saying "thank you" a little bit easier and a whole lot more meaningful.

Our practical steps to nurture a culture of appreciation

Fostering a culture of gratitude in a global company like ours can be a bit of a challenge. With our team members working from 25 countries, some of our colleagues never get the chance to meet each other in person.

How, then, do you create a space where everyone feels valued and appreciated? That was the question we faced when we decided to take our culture of appreciation to the next level.

Considering the physical distance between us, we knew our appreciation efforts had to be digital. So, we introduced a user-friendly tool that lets employees express their thanks to their co-workers with just a few clicks.

This not only helps with the geographical divide but also empowers those who might feel too shy to convey their appreciation face-to-face.

What working at Paysera as a global company is like.

How it works

Every Paysera employee can give and receive different kinds of badges of appreciation. While it's visible who has been given a badge, the identity of the giver remains a secret known only to the recipient.

To add a personal touch, the person giving the badge also has the option to include a custom message explaining why they chose to award it.

Paysera employees are encouraged to show appreciation to each other to build trust.

Why don’t you try it out with us?

We understand how it feels when your hard work and achievements go unnoticed, leaving you feeling like just a cog in the machine.

Perhaps you’re considering a fresh start? We're excited to welcome all enthusiastic professionals who share our vision with open arms. If that's you, we want you to know that your opinion, your input, your unique personality, and your hard work won’t be overlooked. We love to say "thank you" just as much as we love hearing it.

Check out our open positions to have a chat! And on that note... Thank you for taking the time to read this!