We have been working with Paysera for 10 years now. During that time, we have expanded to 8 European countries, and Paysera provided us with stable, secure, and reliable payment gateway solutions and low prices for each and every one of them.

Kęstutis Daukševičius, Head of Įrankiai.lt, UAB
Varlė is partners with Paysera for more than 10 years already. We value the reliability, flexibility, and competitive prices Paysera offers. The client service here is exceptional – consultants are always nice to us, provide questions to all of our answers, and help us whenever we need it. Thank you!

Marius Butauskas, CEO at Varlė.lt
I am grateful to the sales manager to business clients Martynas for his dedication. I have never thought we could gain visible financial benefit from such a simple transaction like currency conversion. We began to save a significant amount of money just out of nowhere. This is our first acquaintance with Paysera, and I'm sure we are going to enhance our cooperation.

Ignas Silevičius, development manager at Nookfamily.lt
In e-commerce, choosing the right payment partner is one of the most critical things. Costly integrations with each bank have become a pain for us, but Paysera has offered all convenient payment methods in one place. We are developing business in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and Paysera has been our partner for 5 years now. I can say that we are happy about the choice we have made and we have never regretted it. This payment system offers great currency conversion rates, international transfers are fast, which streamlines communication with foreign companies. Paysera provides easy integration with e-shops and constant useful and well thought-out improvements, also deals with issues quickly.

Mindaugas Domarkas, manager of Diavolesa.lt and Batuskveras.lt
We are happy we have a «Paysera» account. All non-urgent transfers cost only 0.15 EUR, whereas other banks do not offer such prices. This is important to us, as our company transfers money frequently. There is no account administration fee, and the currency exchange rates are very good. You can see right away who much money you save in comparison with other banks. If you need a statement, helpful employees of Paysera always react quickly and you get the document within 3 hours. When we have questions, we always receive the needed answers. Paysera account is our main business account. Thank you.

Darijus Gudaitis, CEO at UAB Autoverus
Thank you! Thank you, because we can save money even paying bills. Thank you for being convenient, modern and fast. Thank you, as it is nice to have a reliable business partner.

Diana Zasimauskienė, CEO at Grantus Projects, UAB
The ability to make advance payments in our business area is very important. We strive to provide maximum convenience to our customers at every step, and fast and secure online payments are an important part of this. We aim to ensure the possibility to implement plans with just a few button clicks, so we are delighted that Paysera perfectly correlates with our vision.

Paulius Šuksteris, development manager at Table.in

We order computer and access control equipment from different countries. Since international money transfers are relevant for us, we are mostly interested in their speed, safety and price. Also, with Paysera we can always exchange money on the account at the best available rate. We trust this payments system, as the developing company Paysera LT, UAB is an electronic money institution licensed by the Bank of Lithuania, according to which Paysera offers the lowest prices for international transfers in Lithuania.

Lukas Radvilavičius, Head of nSoft, UAB

After we have started using "Paysera" service of international transfers, we are saving 700 EUR a month on transfers and money management. Being the head of the Company, in my Paysera application I can see the flow of money of any our office in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia at any time. This way we have achieved higher transparency which allows us to make better decisions. Thank you for your professional service, we always feel important with you. Keep it up!

Mindaugas Kazlauskas, founder and CEO at Synergium, UAB

We have been working with Paysera for several years now. The payments system and. The payment system and its convenient features bring delight to both us and our clients who can pay for various services provided by Lithuanian airports faster and easier.

Justinas Stepšys, Head of Non-Aviation Services of the Commercial Department of VĮ Vilniaus oro uostas

The Paysera system is irreplaceable when working with foreign clients – the speed and prices of money transfers have completely met our expectations. I recommend this system to everyone not only in Lithuanian, but in other countries as well.

Tomas Šileikis, Head of MB Admix

Paysera has helped us to get out of the stone age and enter the modern times. Thanks to the convenient and automated management of money and registration, we can focus on the improvement of our direct activity . Clients have also felt the changes brought by "Paysera" – we do not receive complains regarding registration confirmation any more, as everything is performed almost immediately.

Vytenis Benetis, CEO at the Vilnius Challenge association

We are working in the B2B sector and used to perform financial operations via banks. Having started using solutions offered by Paysera, we noticed some progress, similar to the one we had felt after switching from physical operations at banks to e-banking. It is great to have such services. I hope they will gain ground on the market and we will all be able to devote more time to our direct activity.

Rolandas Valaitis, CEO at Emovents, UAB

When choosing services offered by Paysera, we already knew about the benefits and convenience we could expect. We use this system to register participants of the Lithuania's largest youth basketball tournament „Sprite” battle of talents and participants of international basketball skills development camps. The official shop of the Lithuanian basketball federation merchandise also uses Paysera service of payment processing. We became even more convinced about the convenience and flexibility of the system when using "Paysera Tickets" system to sell tickets to the U16 European Championship Men basketball 2015 held in Kaunas. It helped us to avoid huge prices charged by other major ticketing systems and see our income immediately.

Rytis Sabas, the Head of Public Relations and Communication at the Lithuanian Basketball Federation

We are cooperating with Paysera for many years and have not once doubted the quality of its services. The convenient system of transfers allows to receive money to the account within a very short time, track sales easily and return money without any difficulties. We recommend Paysera as a highly responsive, qualified and reliable partner for various projects.

Darius Mikulis, CEO at PI Tarptautinis maratonas, organizer of the Danske Bank Vilnius marathon

At the beginning of 2015, the Lithuanian Marketing Association has launched an informational system for registration to LiMA events. Integration with Paysera has proven very beneficial – users who pay the entry fee themselves (not companies) usually use Paysera. They find the system very attractive, as it allows to perform payments very conveniently, by several button clicks. The help provided to the LiMA administration is huge – incoming payments are credited automatically, which means less manual work.
With Paysera we can offer better service to our clients – payments are credited immediately, the very second the are performed. Integration with Paysera has helped the Lithuanian Marketing Association to achieve higher quality of service.

Gintautas Kučas, CEO at the Lithuanian Marketing Association LIMA

Switching from Paypal to Paysera has been our best business decision. I wish you every success and if difficult times come upon you, I am ready to volunteer at your company every day of every month. Thank you!

Evgene Glebov, Head of APM Agentuur LT

"MAMŲ MUGĖ" is the biggest seasonal four-day trade and charity fair of clothing for children and pregnant women in the Baltic States, which has started its activity in 2012 and is held 2-3 times a year. In 2013, our smart cooperation with Paysera has begun, which has become an inseparable part of our fair.
Each participant of the fair has a Paysera account which she uses to pay the entry fee and receive money for sold goods after the fair. During first three hours, all participants can enter the fair with tickets, which are also as effectively and reliably generated by Paysera.
The biggest help which the fair "Mamų mugė" receives from Paysera is a generated file which allows to transfer money to all participants at once. We are grateful to Paysera for convenient payment processing and settlements. Everything works smoothly, reliably and fast. All Paysera services add great value to the fair "Mamų mugė".
Thank you for safe, effective and reliable cooperation which highly contributes to the success of our fair.

Jurga Barbora Jauniškienė, Head of Mamų mugė

We are appreciating Paysera as a reliable and stable payments partner from 2013. We admire Paysera for precise and timely work which allows us to stay sure that payments are performed qualitatively and reliably. It is a pleasure to cooperate with you.

Daria Bystrykh, Business Clients Manager at Xsolla

Developing the platform of e-shops verskis.lt since 2008, we are convinced that the benefits of "Paysera LT" to e-shops are huge – it helps to save much time and allows clients to receive money through all banks in Lithuania, credit cards and other payment acceptance channels. Throughout 11 years of cooperation, 700 clients, who have created e-shops in our system, have also become clients of "Paysera LT", and in all these years we have not received a single negative comment about it! This is why we are working with "Paysera LT" and are happy to recommend it to others.

Vitalijus Dubietis, Head of Evispa, UAB
Paysera offers the most favourable currency exchange rate on the market and the best speed of transfers, which is why we have chosen Paysera. In e-commerce speed is one of essential features; thus, performing international transfers to providers via Paysera system we save both time and money. Meanwhile, our clients are happy with one more fast and convenient method to pay for purchases.

Dainius Liulys, CEO at Pigu.lt, UAB
We have been using Paysera for about 4 years now. Paysera helped us change the market rules, because we can collect payments in Lithuania very easily - with the help of API, everything is 100% automated. We receive payments from 100 countries using different Paysera partners and methods. Lithuania needs at least 1 bank oriented towards the user's convenience and growing together with the user, and it's nice to know that there is. A friendly payment institution, where you can solve company-related issues instantly and without leaving your office.

Filip Borcov, Head of B1.lt
One of the payment methods for goods - Paysera, which we have integrated into our e-shops Bigbox.lt, Toybox.lt, and Bigbox.ee, guarantees us reliability, security, stability, and efficiency. Excellent service quality and customer service. The Paysera payment system team constantly implements new solutions and offers a variety of payment methods that customers actually want. This gives us flexibility, and therefore, with the help of the Paysera plugin, we can increase our sales.

Edgaras Pilius, Commercial Director of JSC “Electronic Trade“, bigbox.lt