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New Paysera Executives: M. Plančiūnas becomes CEO, J. Šidlauskienė – Deputy CEO

The board of directors of the fintech company Paysera has elected Marijus Plančiūnas, who had previously been acting as Deputy CEO, as the company's new CEO. M. Plančiūnas succeeded Gintautas Mežetis. Dr Justina Šidlauskienė, who had previously been acting as Head of Marketing and PR, became the new Deputy CEO.
M. Plančiūnas brings his huge experience in the field of IT to the position of CEO. For the past two years, he had been the Head of the Information Systems Department. This spring, with the approval of the Bank of Lithuania, he became Deputy CEO, responsible for Information Technology. M. Plančiūnas has been working in the fintech field for over five years. The longest stop in Marijus' career was at the internet solutions company Gaumina, where he was responsible for product and business development for more than 11 years.
“I know financial technology well, as well as the current Managers and the financial services market, thus I see the potential to improve the experience of clients both from the technological and client support sides. The current situation in the market will allow Paysera to continue its development while remaining the market leader and to deliver convenient, high-quality, and fast financial services, which is the essence of fintech. In the near future, we are planning to introduce more financial instruments for our Super App, to focus more on business solutions, however, let the results speak for themselves when they see the light of day”, says M. Plančiūnas.
“I would like to personally thank G. Mežetis for his contribution to improving the company's processes. His leadership and the changes he implemented strengthened the organisation and introduced essential standardisation tools, which currently allow us to manage the company’s efficiency in a high-quality and timely manner. I am also grateful to the Bank of Lithuania and our clients for the trust they have shown, and I invite them to continue our work together”, says the new CEO.
“I am happy I have led one of the largest fintech companies in the Baltic countries, whose solutions help millions of Europeans shop online and send money," says G. Mežetis. I am proud to leave the organisation with more mature processes and a stronger management team, who will not only continue the important work but will also look for new directions for the company to go in the future. I wish success to all my colleagues and the organisation itself. New opportunities to use the experience and knowledge I gained await and arouse curiosity and passion for the search of innovation”.
Together with M. Plančiūnas, the company's management team is strengthened by Dr Justina Šidlauskienė. J. Šidlauskienė, who returned to the company after a short break, is appointed as Deputy CEO, and at a strategic level becomes responsible for such business functions as client service, client experience management, sales, marketing, etc. J. Šidlauskienė, who earned her PhD in Social Sciences at the ISM University of Management and Economics this year, was previously responsible for marketing and brand development in such companies as Oxylabs, Companial, Adform, and Šiaulių bankas. J. Šidlauskienė will form a tandem with Žydrūnė Putelytė, Deputy CEO, who has been in this position since July 2021.
According to the latest data from the Bank of Lithuania for the fourth quarter of 2022, Paysera is the largest e-money institution in Lithuania in terms of money held in clients' accounts and one of the largest in terms of payment transactions.
Historically, Paysera LT is the first electronic money institution in Lithuania. Paysera Group companies operate in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Albania, Kosovo, and Georgia.
The main business of the company in the Baltic countries is payment processing for e-commerce stores, outside the Baltic countries – transfers, currency conversion in the app, and online banking services. Paysera LT employs over 150 people, while the Group's companies employ around 450 people.