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Paysera PIS: from now on online shoppers can pay via N26

Great news for merchants that use the Paysera payment initiation service to process online payments in their e-shops – from now on your buyers will be able to pay via N26. This comes only a couple of months after Paysera finished integration with another popular fintech – Revolut.

In May, the Germany-born fintech N26 was added to the already long list of banks and payment institutions via which payments can be accepted in electronic shops that use Paysera as their payment gateway. At the moment, Paysera's payment initiation service (PIS) supports almost 100 banks, including almost all of the banks in the Baltics – Paysera's dominant market. 

Many e-shops that use Paysera will automatically display N26 among other payment options unless the e-shop owner requested not to add new payment methods automatically. In this case, it will have to be selected in the settings. 

This new payment option will be available for buyers in 18 EU countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Austria, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Estonia, Greece, Malta, and Slovakia.

The Paysera payment gateway enables e-shops to accept online payments in a way most suitable for their customers – via online banking, payment cards, SMS, QR codes, etc. The payment initiation service (PIS) is one such way of accepting online payments and is based on open banking. It is a popular, convenient, and affordable tool to process online payments, which today is used by almost 10 000 e-shops across many countries.

This year Paysera also plans to introduce the possibility to accept payments in your e-shop via Apple Pay.