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One integration, several couriers: Paysera launches a Delivery service for e-shops

Research on online shopping behaviour shows that on average, seven in every ten visitors add items to their online shopping cart, but leave without completing their purchase. Online merchants are trying to figure out the main reason why their customers abandon their carts in order to recover a good deal of the revenue as well as help their customers to reach their products more easily. Luckily, the fintech company Paysera, came up with a solution for the Baltic market on how to turn the abandoned shopping carts into purchases.

Based on Baymard Institute research on online shopping cart abandonment, almost 69% of all online orders never make it through the checkout. SaleCycle, a UK-based global behavioural marketing firm puts the abandonment rate even higher at almost 79%. According to Barclaycard’s calculations, e-commerce in the United Kingdom loses around 18 billion pounds in revenue annually. One of the top causes of why customers leave their online order before making the purchase is issues with shipping.

According to Vytenis Morkūnas, the CEO of Paysera, there are a few reasons why customers leave before actually making the purchase and if businesses can improve the abandonment rates they can improve their profits as well. Different research shows that customers are more likely to go through with the purchase if they are happy with the delivery method, fee, and time. However, if the delivery fees are too high or it takes too long for the goods to arrive, many customers will look for different options with better terms elsewhere.

Generally, most e-shops in the Baltic region offer the possibility for their customers to choose their preferred delivery method from several courier companies. However, to offer all 6-7 delivery service providers to the customers, merchants have to either sign an agreement with each of them separately or, alternatively, use the Paysera Delivery service to integrate different delivery companies with a single plugin.

“Signing an agreement with every single delivery service provider is time-consuming and impractical, especially for small businesses. It may take days, if not weeks. Paysera can help with the tedious process of delivery fulfilment by offering the Delivery service plugin for e-shops. One simple integration will enable an e-commerce business to work with a wide range of different couriers in order to offer customers the best available delivery options.”

Vytenis Morkūnas notes that while Paysera is not the only company that offers this particular service it is the first one to provide both integration for accepting online payments as well as a courier service plugin.

“Paysera courier integration offers a smooth experience for merchants to track and manage purchase payment and delivery in order to give their customers the best possible service and price.”

At the moment, Paysera courier integration partners include LP Express, Omniva, and Venipak, and by the end of the year, Itella, TNT, and DHL are planned to complete the lineup. This service is available in Lithuania first, and will later be expanded to the wider market in the Baltic and beyond.

All e-shops on the WooCommerce and OpenCart platforms can already use the Paysera Delivery service plugin and soon enough it will be available on the Magento, Drupal, Joomla!, and PrestaShop platforms as well.

All online merchants can use this service, even those who do not use Paysera for accepting online payments or do not own an e-shop. Paysera plugin integration takes a few minutes.

About Paysera

Paysera is a fintech company that provides fast, convenient, and affordable financial and related services globally. We offer products ranging from a payment gateway for e-shops to money transfers, currency conversion, and payment cards. Beginning our journey in 2004 in Vilnius, Lithuania, we are the first licensed e-money institution (EMI) in Lithuania, with 300 people working in 15 different cities worldwide. With over one million app installs and growing, we aim to push the boundaries and become an industry-leading super app that provides financial and lifestyle services across the globe.