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10+ marketing tips for e-shops: How to run promotions and boost your sales without losing your shirt?

With the peak sales and busy shopping period approaching, many e-commerce retailers are looking at how to stand out from the crowd of mass discounts, attract the impulsive buyers doing their holiday shopping, and make sure they come back again. Audrius Lučiūnas, the co-founder of Paysera with 15+ years experience in e-commerce, shares his insights and tips on e-commerce marketing.


How to get ready for the 2021 Black Friday sales? 10 tips for e-shops

In 2021, the Black Friday sales are set to take place on November 26. Since many countries still have stricter regulations for brick-and-mortar stores, the main sales are again expected to happen online. How can e-shop owners make the most of it?


7 ways to reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate in your e-shop

One of the most important indicators of successful performance for any online merchant is a low shopping cart abandonment rate. Lack of suitable payment options or inconvenient delivery methods are one of the main reasons why customers change their minds at the last minute and abandon their carts. The good news is that these are the areas that can be easily managed and improved by merchants themselves. In this blog post, we’ll explore a few practical ways to reduce the online shopping cart abandonment rate.


Top 10 questions about accepting online payments

Many questions pop up during the first steps into the e-commerce business. But it’s not a business if you aren’t selling anything, right? Paysera helps thousands of e-shops accept payments from customers around the world. And now we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about online payment processing! 


E-commerce: How can a local IBAN save your money in Romania and Bulgaria?

More and more companies running an e-commerce business in countries like Romania, Bulgaria, or Hungary notice the benefits of having a local IBAN – also called RO IBAN, BG IBAN, or HU IBAN. It not only saves companies money when trading on these markets, but is also easy to obtain from fintech companies like Paysera.


What is Open Banking, PSD2, and the payment initiation service?

Open banking is a system that allows sharing financial information necessary for the development of financial products and services. One such product based on open banking is the payment initiation service, which allows customers to pay online in a convenient and fast way– and for merchants to accept such payments without bank-imposed fees. All of this can be done via a third party payment processor, for example, Paysera.


Paysera enables e-shops to accept payments via N26

Great news for merchants that use the Paysera payment initiation service to process online payments in their e-shops – from now on your buyers will be able to pay via N26. This comes only a couple of months after Paysera finished integration with another popular fintech – Revolut.


What is a payment gateway and how to choose one?

Payment gateway is a service that enables customers to pay in the online stores, and for those stores – to receive the payment. There are certain criterias that one needs to look for when choosing the most suitable payment partner for their e-shop. 


Corporate gift ideas: Why gift precious metals for Christmas?

Still looking for a corporate gift idea for Christmas or boss day? How about basing it around your product or service? This year Paysera was all about precious metals. Our gifts to business partners also speak that. 


A good business idea is not enough. But we can offer more

Starting your own business does not necessarily mean you have to start it from scratch or have a unique business idea. Today, there is a possibility to launch a company with a shortcut that can quickly put you in the fast lane.


E-shop numbers jump amid the national quarantines 

After the announcement of the nationwide quarantines, many companies had to shift to the e-commerce sector. We want to believe that this creates some great opportunities that will help the companies and economies in the long run.


Events during the quarantine: Cancel? Postpone? Adapt! 

There is no doubt that the worldwide quarantine radically changed the plans of many performers, event-goers, and event organisers. And yes, it might sound impossible, but maybe your event can be held online?  


How to build an online store from scratch?

You can feel really overwhelmed with information if you are just setting up you very first online business. How to create an e-shop? How much will it cost? We decided to step in and provide a detailed guide on how to build an online store from scratch. So, read on!