Top up with

You can now add funds to your Paysera account through our partnership with ePay by using any of the following 3 methods:

  • by depositing cash at any EasyPay office;
  • through an ePay micro account;
  • at a B-Pay ATM.

To add money to your Paysera account through ePay/EasyPay, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Paysera account;
  • Select “Account Top-Up” from the menu  ➡️ Country, from which the top-up is being performed (“Bulgaria”) and the Currency of the top-up  ➡️ BGN (Bulgarian Lev);
  • Click the “Update instructions” button.

From the top-up options list, select at the bottom of the page: 

  • “Automated one-time account top-up” ➡️ mark the option ➡️
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer to your Paysera account ➡️
  • Press the button: “Show top-up instructions”.

The system will automatically redirect you to the ePay transfer instructions.

Select one of the three top-up options: On Internet/In Cash/ATM.


Option 1: To deposit cash into your Paysera account at an EasyPay office, please follow these steps:

In the open window select the cash payment option (“In cash”) and follow the steps below:  

  • Write down the payment code ➡️ 
  • Visit an EasyPay office➡️
  • Dictate the code and pay the request.

EasyPay will automatically notify Paysera of your payment.

You can select an office on the map:

Option 2: If you have an ePay microaccount you can also add funds to your Paysera account by selecting the option “On Internet”. 


Option 3: The third option to add funds to your Paysera account through ePay is at an ATM that supports the B-Pay service:

  • Select the ATM option ➡️
  • Write down the Merchant’s code (“Company’s code”) and the “Payment code” and follow the steps:
  • From the ATM menu select: “Other services” ➡️ “B-Pay” ➡️ Enter the Company's code.

 In the “Personal code” field, enter your Payment code ➡️ confirm your payment.