đź“… March, 2020

Events during the quarantine: Cancel? Postpone? Adapt! 

There is no doubt that the worldwide quarantine radically changed the plans of many performers, event-goers, and event organisers. As a ticket platform, we too are affected by the current situation. However, we highly encourage our colleagues in the entertainment industry to not give up and use this opportunity to reach new audiences and markets. And yes, it might sound impossible, but maybe your event can be held online?  


Is it worth a shot? 

  • You will save money on production costs: won’t need to rent venues, security or cleaning personnel, travel expenses, etc.
  • You can invite more people to your events.
  • You will reach new audiences and gain new skills that will become useful in the future.
  • If it’s a discussion, people can contribute in the comments section;
  • When adapting to online, you will be less dependent on possible changes and will secure some workplaces, and maybe even create new ones (for example, a video team for streaming). 

Lately, many of us are trying to maintain not only positivity but also a stable income. That’s why the questions should be not “is it worth it?” but “how can we do it?”. Every venue, whether it is a concert hall, an open-air festival, or face-to-face workshops, has its benefits. So, what about online? Why is it worth using? 


Can my event be held online? 

Creativity has no limits and it’s about time we prove it. So, what events can really be held online? 

  • Film screenings. This year, for the first time ever, many film festivals traded cinemas for home streaming. Unlimited snacks, comfy sofas – why not organise an annual film festival even after the quarantine is over?
  • Concerts. We are used to watching concerts on TV and it’s about time we make it a habit, at least for a while. Yes, it’s different... but think about all the people living outside the entertainment capitals who will now be able to see performances from their home.
  • Courses. “Online courses” are a well-known term for many by now. It poses great advantages such as including people from different parts of the world or country, enabling participants to study at their preferred time, and comfortably using their own home setup. Many of them even include 1:1 consultation with tutors and personalised feedback in written or video format.
  • Sports. Maybe we can’t organise a true basketball match without human interaction, but we can suggest some sort of running race where participants aren’t all running at the same time. Many sports apps now allow saving and sharing personal records, tracks, and beating others’ achievements. Moreover, new technologies, such as VR, also allow imitating different sports, from dancing to boxing, and can be turned into a fun online competition when providing participants with the necessary equipment.
  • Discussions. Streaming discussions is so common today that it’s almost old-school! Therefore, today many are streaming not only discussions, but even bigger events such as conferences. Even networking can be done remotely now!
  • Workshops. Yes, we are entering different ground now. Can workshops be organised remotely? Some are! Imagine a pottery workshop where all the materials (clay and paint) are delivered to participants’ homes and then taught via video. In this case, a whole family can unite in creating some memorable moments for everyone.

We are sure that many more events can be adapted to the online world. It will not be the same but it will also not be worse. It will be different.  

Choose the right platform 

Some of these online events require platforms: apps, streaming sites… The latter is most common nowadays. And the internet is full of suggestions on different platforms, from very popular ones like Facebook and YouTube to less known or more specialised ones like Periscope, Twitch (gaming), or Zoom (conferences). 

After choosing a platform, test it several times and get to know it way before the event. Otherwise, find a team of people that are used to streaming events online to help you out. 

Find your audience 

So, everything goes as usual – you come up with an idea, organise it, find a venue (in this case platform), and then find your audience. 

And this is where we come in. During these times of uncertainty, we would like to remind you that the Paysera Tickets platform can distribute tickets not only to physical but also to online events. Only in this case instead of a ticket, you would send login details or a link to your event. 

And if the event is FREE, distributing tickets will also cost you nothing. Otherwise, we will offer competitive prices and assistance during the whole process. 

We believe that this challenging situation will open new horizons not only to performers, creators, and lecturers, but also to event organisers and goers.