Corporate gift ideas: Why gift precious metals for Christmas?

December 2020 • 2 min
Corporate gift ideas

Not that many days are left until Christmas, and we really can’t wait to finally surprise our business partners by post with our Christmas gifts this year. This time – they are really special, since they represent our most anticipated feature of the year – precious metals – the safest, most versatile, and unique present. Also, we believe that this post might inspire those who are still looking for a high-end corporate gift and want something you can’t just find in every store in town.

Since we have recently introduced the precious metal (more precisely – gold, soon also silver and platinum) buying feature in the Paysera app, we have decided for this to be the core of our presents for business partners.

And so, this year we are gifting our partners some beautiful silver coins featuring an image of an ox, since 2021 is the Year of the Ox, according to the Chinese zodiac.


Heads of many companies this year had to overcome some real challenges in order to secure the workplaces of thousands of people in the market. And more challenges are yet to come. That’s why we wanted our corporate gift idea to be really special. And so we have chosen this silver coin, wishing them to be as strong as an ox, and pull their businesses out of the ever-changing times into an era of prosperity and stability.

Even if you can’t meet in person, such gifts can easily be delivered, or if both of you have the Paysera app you can even send your partner some gold (silver too in the future) via the app.

Also, some partners and friends of the company will receive amazing-looking truffles and almonds coated in chocolate and gold dust, which are also inspired by our precious metal agenda.


And so, excited and armed with presents, we congratulate all of you with this beautiful festive season. Let’s spread love, even if it is through screens and at distance. It still gets through.

Stay healthy and strong, be prosperous and innovative, and we hope to partner with you for many years to come.


More corporate gift ideas and tips 🎁

  • Be considerate. Think of something everyone will like. For example, whilst edible gifts can sometimes be risky, everyone likes precious metals 😉
  • Make it useful. During the festive season, big business owners get plenty of gifts. Make yours count. It does not have to be something mind-blowing but it would be best if it had value and meaning and would not simply collect dust in the attic.
  • Relate it to your business. Remind your business partners about your services but don’t use the gift as an ad, be creative.
  • Get feedback. If you are in charge of coming up with the corporate gift idea but you are not the head of the company yourself – talk to one. You can get great feedback on what kind of gift your boss has previously enjoyed and it might prove to be really useful.
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