Income from each recommendation

From every client, referred by you, who brought income to Paysera, you will receive 10 %. The more of your friends use our services the more rewards for you. Give at least three recommendations that bring income and start getting bonuses.

Unlimited bonuses

No limits are applied to bonuses you receive. You receive as much, as you earn.

See bonuses you receive

On 10th day of each month you will see the amount you have earned during the previous month, which will be credited to your free Paysera account.

Open-ended program

Bonuses are paid for an indefinite period of time and are guaranteed for at least first 12 months of income generation and activity of the client recommended by you. All you have to do is log in to your Paysera account at least once a month till the 10th day of the current month.

Manage your money immediately

You can manage your income from the Affiliate program as soon as you receive it.

Make use of prepared marketing materials

You can participate in a referral scheme by using on your website Paysera images, logos, adverts and links. They will help attracting new clients, whose numbers and profit will be turned into commission for you.
Adverts can be downloaded from here (.pdf, 1,73 MB).